How to build talent pools to support your EC&I project teams and business

Being able to find and attract EC&I candidates, at scale and speed, is becoming a serious advantage in the increasingly tough competition for EC&I personnel across the UK

One way businesses are improving their access to the people they need, when they need them, is by partnering with specialist recruitment companies that are committed to building talent pools suited to their current and future business needs.

Larger organisations have an internal recruitment team that are future proofing their business with good quality talent pools, often putting them at the forefront of bids and tenders as they are deemed more likely to be able to resource sizeable and niche projects.

Disclaimer: most of those larger organisations still use the support of specialist agencies when it comes to more niche vacancies.

In reality, most EC&I businesses don’t have the luxury of a talent acquisition team or the time to continually build talent pools of suitable personnel for future projects whilst handling the day job and that can course a lot of unnecessary anxiety and worry when preparing for new & upcoming projects.

If your business needs more support talent pooling, it sounds like the perfect time to explore partnering with EC&I Partners

We spend most of our time networking with EC&I personnel building relationships with people that are interested in hearing about upcoming projects & vacancies

Whether you’re looking for personnel with a particular EC&I skill set, job title, geographical location, qualification, industry experience or nuclear clearance level – we can use our technology to fully tailor the talent pools to what you need and support you when times are chaotic.

Future proof your business by discussing your recruitment needs with EC&I partners today:


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